Building Your Business: The Importance of Website Design for Construction Companies

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Rob Reich
April 14, 2022
5 min read

After the significant global economic turmoil of the past few years, things are starting to look up again. Leading economists have forecast construction industry growth between now and 2025 (3.7 percent this year alone).

So now is arguably the perfect time to invest in upgrading your marketing efforts to help your construction business win those lucrative new customer contracts.

Why not start by providing a boost to your customer referrals by revamping your website?

To help you begin planning, we've put together this guide to creating a user-friendly website design for construction companies like yours.

What Customers Want

What do customers expect when they browse construction industry websites? Here's a look at some of the essential features you'll want to add to your website redesign:


When it comes to website design, we think less is more.

Customers want to discover businesses that look professional and trustworthy. The look and feel of your construction company website will help communicate that to your target audience.

We'd recommend you use plenty of whitespace in your design and choose a simple, minimalist color scheme.

Let your core message shine through with key headlines and subheadlines. Remove complicated graphics and images that don't add anything valuable to your business brand.

User-Friendly Layout

Customers must find the information they seek on your website and find it fast.

Professional website design experts (like our team) refer to this principle as user-interface design (UI design). This method means creating a smooth experience when a visitor first lands on your website.

Plot out the end-to-end journey's a visitor might take on your website from the moment they first discover you to when they become your paying customer.

Are you giving them easy access to information that will allow them to decide? Are you showcasing your experience, expertise, and excellent customer service?

Most importantly, are you showing each new visitor how to take that next step with your business, whether that's a quote or a sales call?

Make your contact form obvious, with a menu option in the main navigation. Don't forget to add an email address and phone number in the same section.


Construction projects often begin life as a lengthy decision process from potential customers. You can help them with that by providing detailed, informative testimonials on your website.

We recommend you go for video testimonials and case studies instead of written statements.

That type of media is more persuasive. It'll also give you first-rate content to share in your marketing promotions (such as on social media).

Add A Gallery Of Past Projects

Testimonials will tell potential customers how professional and trustworthy you are. But potential customers will also want to know if you can achieve the sort of high-quality construction project they are seeking.

That's where a gallery can come in handy.

A gallery will offer website visitors the chance to browse your work quickly. It will also allow you to get your work featured on Google images, leading to more organic search engine traffic.

Videos showcasing your construction projects are also a great idea. You could even consider adding a YouTube channel to get more social media referrals.

Get Optimized

Your website needs to be fast, responsible, and work seamlessly on mobile. That's the minimum customers expect nowadays when viewing corporate websites.

Optimizing your website is also a must for SEO. Google wants to promote and rank websites that are fast, bug-free, and accessible.

Don't forget to set up analytics to see what visitors are doing when they land on your website and optimize your layout and content accordingly.

Encourage Visitors To Take Action

Avoid losing precious website visitors but not giving them reasons to stick around to find out more about you.

Get every website visitor to take action so that you can follow up with them and move them closer to a sale.

That means working on a clear call-to-action that takes center stage on your website. It also suggests adding features to your website to convert visitors and move them into your sales funnel.

The best way to achieve that is to add an email capture box to your homepage or via a popup so that people can quickly and easily leave their website address with you.

Once there, you can personally connect with that lead via email or use email marketing (with an email autoresponder) to build a relationship gradually.

Planning Your Website Revamp

Before you begin a website build, it pays to carry out proper planning to get the design you want and need. Here's what to put in place before you speak to a website agency like ours:

Create A Design Brief

Give your design agency a clear picture of how you want your website to look. If your website built project also includes rebranding, collect some examples of the type of logo, color scheme, and website design you are after.

It will give the agency's designers a starting point for their work and make it easier to deliver something that matches your expectations.

List Your Core Goals

Your website remains a vital part of your marketing and sales effort, so the time and effort you put into your website must translate into more sales.

Set some measurable goals for your new website. For example, how many sales inquiries do you want to receive each month?

That type of goal will help your website design services agency create something that will not only look good but be fit-for-purpose.

Have A Clear Timeline

Don't forget about your timescales. Stating these requirements upfront will help you have an open conversation with any design agency about what they can deliver for you within your timeline.

And it will help you plan any promotional launch you want for when your new website is live.

The Best Website Design For Construction Companies Starts Here

Now that you understand how to create a winning website design for construction companies like yours, it's time to put your ideas into action.

Take the first simple step by booking a free strategy call with our design experts today. We can talk you through our top recommendations to help you achieve your business goals this year and beyond.

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How much does a website cost?

Pricing varies according to the number of pages, integrations, and timeline of a project. Currently, our minimum engagement is $3000.

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Can someone help me write content?

You will never receive a website that you do not absolutely love.

In order to make sure we are on track with your business' needs, we hold several revisions during the design and development process.

How soon can my website launch?

A typical website from the day it is greenlit until it is completed takes 2-4 weeks. We will work closely with you throughout each step of development to make sure you are happy with the end result. If you would like us to accelerate this process, we can do so without sacrificing quality service.

Can someone help me write content?

We're happy to be your content strategist or copywriter at an additional charge. We can help you for the entire site, just a few pages - we’re flexible!

Is Webflow used by professionals?

Definitely! Webflow is a popular tool among professionals in the web design industry. It's known for its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and powerful design tools that let you create custom, responsive websites without needing to know how to code.

It's used by everyone from top design studios to startups and enterprise-level companies.

Basically, if you want to create a stunning website but don't want to mess with code, Webflow is the way to go!

Will you train me on how to use my website?

*We strongly encourage to enroll on our web care plan to ensure you are completely covered.*

We will walk through training on how to use your site as we approach launch. We wait until your site is almost complete so that you can learn to use the CMS and make updates on the backend of your actual website!

We’ll also record this training so you can see it in the future.

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