7 Reasons Why You Need an SEO Specialist

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Rob Reich
July 27, 2022
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Business owners generally aren't too familiar with the ins and outs of online marketing. Thankfully, most recognize the importance of having an online presence. However, reaching that point can be a total mystery. The easiest solution is probably to pay a marketing company and hope for the best. Unfortunately, without a detailed SEO strategy in place, dumping money into advertising won't be as effective. The best course of action would be to hire an SEO specialist to rework and optimize your website before you launch your marketing campaign. This will increase ROI and ensure you achieve your desired goals. To explain all of the benefits of this approach, we will go over seven reasons why you need an SEO specialist.

1. SEO specialists can perform website audits

When was the last time you looked into how your website is performing? Sure, your marketing can get visitors to your site, but without optimization, it will be hard to convert those visitors into paying customers. SEO specialists can perform a website audit and tell you which parts of your site need improvement. Accurate advice regarding website design is one of the most important reasons why you need an SEO specialist. A professionally designed website can boost your conversions and improve your bottom line. However, that should be preceded by an audit that will let you know which elements need improving and how.

2. Accurately define your content creation

Everyone knows that content is king. Nowadays, hardly anyone can imagine an effective marketing campaign that doesn't revolve around quality content. Unfortunately, merely pumping out content without a plan isn't likely to get much attention. At Maverix Design, we can create the perfect website for your company, but it's up to you to populate it with content. SEO-friendly content needs to be correctly structured and optimized. It should include researched keywords that will get you hits on web searches. SEO specialists can give you instructions on how to create content so that your website brings in more visitors. Informative and educational content can encourage users to stay on your site longer and visit again.

3. SEO specialists can help guide your marketing

An SEO guru can determine the best form of advertising for achieving your business goals. It would be best to also keep in mind that the size of your company can influence your marketing strategy. This stems from the fact that your marketing budget will generally scale with your company's size. For example, service-based small businesses, like moving companies, usually don't have the budget for national TV ads. Pros in the industry can help by recommending affordable and effective marketing solutions. You can use the insights gained from SEO and invest in PPC marketing, which is affordable and scalable so that it can fit your company's needs.

4. Adhering to SEO guidelines can benefit the user experience (UX)

Since SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, most people naturally assume it is all about catering to search engines. Honestly, they wouldn't be wrong. However, modern search engines have placed users' needs as a key determining factor when their algorithms decide which websites to promote. Therefore, one of the most important reasons why you need an SEO specialist is that their advice will lead to an improved UX. All of their insights will cause the quality of life improvements which will inevitably make your website a joy to use. Faster load times, optimized pages with structured content, and a mobile-friendly design are critical factors in both SEO and UX, which means these concepts go hand in hand.

5. SEO specialists always keep a close eye on numerous metrics

As you can see from our previous examples, a recurring theme for SEO is making improvements to your website. However, you will first need to measure your site and marketing performance. Even when implementing changes, you will need someone to monitor the results. SEO can deliver measurable results, and SEO specialists can monitor if you are meeting all of your desired goals. Otherwise, it would be hard to tell if your changes are doing more harm than good. A dedicated SEO specialist can also draw your attention to a particular element that isn't performing as well as it should be. With their advice, you can make subtle course corrections without disrupting your daily operations.

6. Get an increase in organic traffic

One of the biggest benefits of making SEO improvements is that they will boost the organic traffic your website receives from search engines. We understand that making changes to your site can be time-consuming. However, organic traffic is far cheaper than traffic resulting from paid advertising. Additionally, users who arrive at your site wanting to hear what you have to say will also be more receptive to completing a purchase.

7. SEO specialists know what Google is looking for

The job of an SEO specialist is to keep track of Google’s policies and guidelines. A small change to Google’s algorithm can cause business owners to make significant updates to their websites if they wish to remain relevant. Having an SEO specialist on staff means you will be ahead of the curve. You can implement changes before your competition and gain an advantage before they even figure out what needs changing. Specialists will know exactly what Google is looking for and can help your website achieve a good rank in SERPs. Let's be honest; unless you are on Google's first page, you won't be getting much organic traffic. Additionally, getting a high rank can instill confidence in your website visitors. They will consider you an authority in your field and be more willing to trust your business.

In summary

SEO has become a necessary and unavoidable part of maintaining your online presence. Instead of doing things the hard way, you can hire a specialist to guide your optimization and achieve even better results. We have covered seven reasons why you need an SEO specialist, and all of them can help improve your bottom line.

Meta description: If you want to improve your website but don't know where to start, here are 7 reasons why you need an SEO specialist.

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