7 Huge Differences Between a $500 Website and a $10,000 Website

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Rob Reich
October 11, 2022
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Around 38% of internet users will click away from a website if it has an unattractive layout. That's why hiring a top-notch website design company is essential for your business growth.

Here, we're going to look at the differences between $500, $5000-$10,000, and $50,000 websites and assess which is the right choice for growing companies. Read on to learn why investing in a cheap website isn't always a good idea.

The Basics of Cheap Web Design

Over 1500 people search for the phrase "cheap web design" on Google monthly. This makes sense since everyone loves a deal. This is especially true in the case of small businesses that want to make a tight budget go a long way.

Generally, these people are looking for web design agencies or individuals that provide high-quality services that don't cost much. Some of them incorrectly don't think that their website will lead to enough conversions for them to focus on.

It's difficult to define what "cheap web design" looks like since no two web design services are alike. Web designers all decide what to charge in different ways. Each of these designers has different a educational background and experience.

Additionally, what qualifies as "cheap" is up to the buyer. A $5000 website may look like a steal to a company that's raking in $50,000 annually. To a broke startup, though, this may be an impossible sum.

1. Budgetary Requirements

The most obvious difference between cheap, affordable, and expensive websites is their price tag.

A $500 website qualifies as cheap. A $5,000-$10,000 one qualifies as affordable. A $10,000+ one qualifies as "expensive."

These figures are not absolute as different companies have different budgets. However, they're good rules of thumb to abide by.

In some cases, startups literally won't be able to afford a website over $500. This is okay as long as you plan to upgrade your website and grow it over time. It isn't ideal and won't get you the highest ROI possible, but it might be necessary for the short term.

Generally, the more expensive you're willing to go for a website, the better. Just make sure to look at a design agency's portfolio to ensure that you're actually paying for a premium website. You don't want to spend $50,000 when you could get something of comparable quality for $5000.

2. An Overall Better UX

A $500 website is going to have an overall terrible user experience (UX). This is because $500 pays for a designer that likely has little experience. They may be straight out of design school and have no experience, or they may have minimal experience in the field

A good web design investment returns about $100 for each $1 spent. That's a 9900% ROI overall. A $500 website is not going to get you the most out of this important investment, so hiring a $5000-15,000 designer can make you money in the long term.

This is because higher-priced professionals have more experience. They know how to create an appealing interface, engaging design, multimedia content, a top-notch navigation system, and more. If you spend $10,000 on a website and it looks great, you're going to wind up with an approximate $99,000 return.

3. An Easy-to-Navigate Interface

An affordable or expensive website's positive UX means an easy-to-use navigation system. If people get frustrated when clicking around your website, they're more likely to bounce. This doesn't just lose you clients but also looks bad to the bots that index the web, meaning that it will hurt your SEO.

When you hire a top-notch web design company, you get a page that looks amazing. It will have edgy colors, multimedia content, and different tabs that people can click to be directed to various areas of your website. This means that it will both grab users' attention and keep them interested in browsing easily.

4. Mobile Readiness

In 2022, about 59.4% of all online traffic came from smartphones and other mobile devices. By 2025, experts project that 72% of all global internet users will exclusively use the web via mobile platforms.

Experts know how to design a website that looks good on smartphones and tablets. They can engage users regardless of the platform that they're using to look for goods and services. This means that your page becomes more accessible to different users, especially those who may be busy and constantly on the go.

5. Higher Visibility

Speaking of accessibility, top web design companies are generally well-versed in search engine optimization (SEO). They know how to manipulate your website to make it more appealing to search engine crawlers. When these bots scour the web and index pages, they'll rank you higher up in Google since you'll look reputable, reliable, and relevant to specific search results.

Since over 90% of online content gets 0 Google traffic, this is important for any business that wants to boost its visibility.

You also specifically target audiences that are searching for keywords that are relevant to your services. You'll grab the attention of those who are already interested in products and solutions like yours. All that will be left is to sell the brand.

6. Better Content

About 76% of consumers rely on a business's online presence to determine whether they're interested in checking out its solutions. It's important that your content packs a punch and continues to interest users once they click on it. This will set you apart from competitors and keep people interested.

We've all been to cheaply-made amateurish websites that look like something out of 2005. Chances are that you click away from these websites quickly to find something that looks more professional. If you only purchase cheap web design services, your site will be one of those ugly pages that people click away from.

An affordable quality web design company will use color, space, shape, and multimedia content to keep your brand looking reputable.

7. Cutting-Edge Aesthetics

When you hire a cheap web designer, you likely won't get a lot of communication when they're designing your site. It's also unlikely that you'll be able to contact them later to ask for updates and upgrades.

If you hire someone with more experience and credentials, you will be more involved in the web design process. You'll get an exclusive website catered to your exact needs. The designer will be up to date on current trends and can incorporate elements that modern consumers want to see.

Hire an Affordable Website Design Company

Now that you know how a $500 website differs from a $10,000 one, it's time to begin designing a quality website. Our website design company is committed to listening to and accommodating your specific needs.

We're excited to figure out how to build your brand into a reputable behemoth. Book a call with Maverix Design today to chat about your design needs.

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