Absolute Supps MD

Absolute Supps needed a website that not only looked great, but also converted well. Our team was able to design and develop a stunning website that helped them reach their traffic and sales goals.

Absolute Supps MD


We were given the challenge of taking a brand new product and disrupting an over saturated market, fat loss supplements. When we met with Absolute Supps they had little to no organic traffic but most sales came through friends and family  which is not ideal for any business! That's why it was imperative that we created a website that converts as well as solid SEO strategies in order get them seen by more people online so our client can succeed where others have failed before.

What we did

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Their new website was designed and developed according to their needs and wants, and more importantly, it proved effective!

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Working together, we identified their most targeted keywords, conducted our own research, and developed a strategy to climb the Google rankings.

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As a result of working together, we were able to create a brand identity, tone, and way for them to stand out.

"Maverix Design has completely transformed our business. We were getting sales from people we knew which was great, but now we're able to attract and convert customers on a national scale."

Jame Sada

Founder, Absolute Supps MaverixDesign.com


Increase in organic traffic
Increase in revenue



(Seach Engine Optimization)

The results from our work with Absolute Supps have been incredible. We were able to increase organic traffic by 4000% within 2 months, which is giving us more exposure and relevant landing page visitors- all of this leading up towards increased revenue!

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How much does a website cost?

Pricing varies according to the number of pages, integrations, and timeline of a project. Currently, our minimum engagement is $3000.

An initial strategy call to discuss your goals and needs is crucial to getting you a bid!

We will give you an accurate bid for your project in a no-pressure call!

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Can someone help me write content?

You will never receive a website that you do not absolutely love.

In order to make sure we are on track with your business' needs, we hold several revisions during the design and development process.

How soon can my website launch?

A typical website from the day it is greenlit until it is completed takes 2-4 weeks. We will work closely with you throughout each step of development to make sure you are happy with the end result. If you would like us to accelerate this process, we can do so without sacrificing quality service.

Can someone help me write content?

We're happy to be your content strategist or copywriter at an additional charge. We can help you for the entire site, just a few pages - we’re flexible!

Is Webflow used by professionals?

Definitely! Webflow is a popular tool among professionals in the web design industry. It's known for its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and powerful design tools that let you create custom, responsive websites without needing to know how to code.

It's used by everyone from top design studios to startups and enterprise-level companies.

Basically, if you want to create a stunning website but don't want to mess with code, Webflow is the way to go!

Will you train me on how to use my website?

*We strongly encourage to enroll on our web care plan to ensure you are completely covered.*

We will walk through training on how to use your site as we approach launch. We wait until your site is almost complete so that you can learn to use the CMS and make updates on the backend of your actual website!

We’ll also record this training so you can see it in the future.

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